Tuesday, October 14, 2014

FREEBIES - 2D alpha masked tree

Check FREEBIES section (download number 044). I've prepared new high quality alpha masked tree. PNG format, 1626x2200 px resolution. As always - free for commercial use:)

Krzysztof Czerwiński

Thursday, October 2, 2014

FREEBIES - next pack of 3D trees from Mantissa blog

Do You remember last 2 packs of 3D trees released by Matissa? Now i available third pack! 5 birch trees (textures included, 846 MB).
Check his blog and say thank you for Matissa :
Thank You Midge!

Krzysztof Czerwiński

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

FREEBIES - lowground bush 3D model

I've released few days ago a presets for ATree3D script - this time lowground bush to fill your empty and flat grass fields:)
You have to have installed ATree3D script for 3D Max. After this you have to unzip downloaded presets (archive from 3dtreexchange), and find there (in archive) At3d file. Open ATree3D in 3DMax and find LOAD button to load preset. Than press BUILD TREE and voila - new buch ready to render! 
Most importat info - ATree3D is free and ready for commercial use, my plants presets too:)
Krzysztof Czerwiński

Monday, September 22, 2014

FREEBIES from VIZ-PEOPLE.COM and new products

Time to time I like to check out the freebies section on other websites. And what's new?
VIZPEOPLE has released some cool pack of freebies for commercial use (http://www.viz-people.com/free-stuff/) and 2 new products:
and these 2 products:
Actually i'm using their Businnes v1 collection, and quality is awesome.
In their freebies section is a lot of 3D models (i love especially sofas!). Thanks for freebies VIZPEOPLE!

Krzyszof Czerwiński

Monday, September 15, 2014

New tool (not released yet) for 3D Trees and Plants

Time to time I search the internet for new and interesting scripts and plug-ins. I'm very interested in creating 3d plants and trees creating and i found something really interesting.
3 days ago i found this page:
and here is a research&development blog with other tools made by the same author:
There are only few scripts released, rest of them are still in development. My favourite (i can't wait to release!!!) is TreePainter, SplinePush modifier and SnowGUN. I hope that author will release these scripts in near future because it's brilliant pack of scripts:) I hope price will be nice (we know that coding is a long and hard work) :)
TreePainter looks like small brother a SpeedTree and SnowGUN is very useful for architectural visualisations with many details. And you can check some awesome tools for rigging at www.kinematiclab.com. Check this link to get few professional scripts for free:
http://www.kinematiclab.com/#!riggingtools/c1neo - (icons with FREE sign). 
Sir Clovis - we are waiting for Your commercial scripts:)

Krzysztof Czerwiński

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