Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Godot 3.0 - long awaited 2D/3D open source game engine released!

That screen is linked from https://godotengine.org

It's really good information for our community - not all people want to use Unity or Unreal, because there are some law permissions and royalties. And here is a new game changer - Godot 3.0. It's so fully packed with amazing features (many changes were done since 2.0 version):

Short list of features:

  • Innovative architecture that combines the best of forward rendering with the efficiency of deferred rendering.
  • Physically-based rendering with full MSAA support
  • Full principled BSDF with Subsurface Scattering, reflection, refraction, anisotropy, clearcoat, transmittance and more.
  • Global illumination for real-time gorgeous graphics. It can also be pre-baked for beautiful results even on low end devices.
  • Mid and Post processing effects including a new tonemapper that supports HDR, multiple standard curves and auto exposure, screen-space reflections, fog, bloom, depth of field and much more.
  • Easy-to-use shader language based on GLSL, with built-in editor and code completion
Here is more information about Godot engine

And link for download page:


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Textures.com - new collection of 3d scanned objects with some freebies

After one year of silence here i'm coming back to You with great news - textures.com has updated their huge library with new set of 3d perfectly scanned objects! Now you can get not only textures (2d textures and scanned textures) and hdr spheres but 3d scanned object too:) Actually we have access to:
-) 14 bread and pastry props
-) 31 fruits and vegatables
-) 12 stones (small ang large)
It's awesome to see that few objects are released as FREE :) Go to textures.com and check.
Greetings and nice to see You my readers again :) :) :)

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Black kitchen render - scene to learn more about interior lighting

Render made with 3D Max and Corona Alpha 6 renderer. Scene based on some photos found with google. My aim was to create photorealistic and natural lighting interior scene with dark material (black kitchen furnitures). I hope it looks nice and natural.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

A huge knowledge source about creating 3D weapons models for FPP games

Some very experienced user from MAX3D.pl forum (nickname PIRAT) has released huge article about preparing 3d weapons models for FPP games. It's really good knowledge base, actually only in Polish language, but this article will be translated to english soon:

Thank You!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Red Planet - concept render

It's fast test made by me to check possibilities to create terrain without time consuming modelling. 
-) Terrain and rocks are procedural (3D Max noise and displacement). 
-) Factory and smoke over chimneys in background is added in postpro,
-) sun glare is added in postpro,
-) fog is rendered by Vray
-) ForestPackPro 5.0.3 beta is used to add milions of little pebbles and rocks.
Maybe in next step i will add some vehicle.