Friday, April 26, 2013

Freebies - high quality 3D models of apples - 3D Max 2010 format :)

Hello dear friends!
Check FREEBIES section and download my last model - apples and wooden vase. All models and textures are made by me (i used some photos from Like always you can use them to private and commercial projects.

Kind regards
Krzysztof Czerwinski

I've noticed few days ago that my 3D apples scene IS NOT IN REAL SCALE!
I've uploaded that scene again to freebies but this time in real scale to prepare better workflow for yours projects:)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Please wait for next 3d plant model - LAVENDER is almost ready!

Hello my dear friends!
Actually i'm very busy, but i'm hardworking with new 3D plant model - lavender. Check my latest test renders above - 4 pictures with different cameras and lighting. Model is almost ready:)
Like always - model (or rather 3-4 models of the same plant but in different ages) will be shared with community as freebies to use in commercial projects:)
Skies are taken from google search and are used only for these tests - not for commercial use.
Model is made with Atree3D Script.
Kind regards
Krzysztof Czerwinski