Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sci-Fi project - "No chance to escape..."

It's my old picture, made in 2013. But i started with this project in 2009. I came to this project many times, but since last time (2013) i didn't touch this project :( Now i'releasing it here, and i'm ready for your Your comments:)
Cinema 4D R10, Photoshop Elements 5 (and Gimp in few pixels), and Photoshop CS3 for a while, Blender for pipes unwrap uvmapping.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Corona Renderer - how to bring more happiness to Sketchup :)

Hi boys and girls:)
Do You know Sketchup ? I suppose that answer is "yes" :)
Do You know Corona Renderer ? I'll be really dissapointed if answer is other than "yes" :)
Now it's time to say "Hello Corona, is possible to meet You in Sketchup?"
Corona Renderer Team announced closed beta tests for first development stage in Corona for Sketchup plugin. Do You know what it's mean? ;)
Corona is very good, very fast and very easy to learn CPU renderer. Fast as hell! Actually i'm beta tester for this stage of Corona Sketchup plugin development and i want to say - WOW!
In tess actually is rather stable, export is very fast at this stage, and it's a lot of fun to play with a new ....a new ...FEATURE ....are you ready??? With INTERACTIVE REAL TIME RENDERING in Sketchup!!! Yessssss! That is it! 
2 milion polygons of pure geometry (huge building with many details)  is no problem for export and realtime render. I don't know roadmap for this plugin, but with every news it's getting more interesting and stable:)
Are you Sketchup enthusiast and you want to help in Sketchup plugin development? Check this link, read posts on forum:,10237.0.html
There are informations how to participate in beta version. But remember - Corona Team need your help - have you found a bug in Corona plugin for Sketchup - please use bugtracker (MantisBT platfrom) to report it :)
When i get some interesting renders from beta version, i will release them here:)