Friday, January 4, 2013

3D Trees - 9 models / 3D drzewa - 9 modeli

Check FREEBIES section. You can download ready to use 9 models of trees preapred with 3D Max free script "ATree3D". There are two archives - Models (240 MB) and Textures (7 MB). Enjoy:) Download is HUGE - 240 MB zipped. Scene is prepared for 3D Max 2012 and Vray 2.30.
Krzysztof Czerwinski

Sprawdźcie dział FREEBIES. Możecie ściągnąć 9 gotowych do użycia drzew zrobionych przy pomocy darmowego skryptu ATree3D (dla 3D Maxa). Download jest spory - 240 MB spakowanych modeli i druga paczka 7 MB tekstur w osobnym archiwum. Scena jest przygotowana dla 3D Max 2012 i Vray 2.30.
Krzysztof Czerwiński

2013-01-11 UPDATE INFO:
In FREEBIES section i uploaded trees pack fo 3D Max 2010:) 


  1. Thank you Christopher, great contribution! team xoio

  2. Well - check my last post from 28.01.2013 - next BIIIIIG trees collection which i finished is ready to download at this site:

    Write here if You need something special, maybe i'll be able to prepare it in 3D world:)

    Krzysztof Czerwiński


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