Monday, March 24, 2014

How renderfarm helped me with short deadline...

Hello dear readers:)
Last time i have somehuge trouble to finish project with very short deadline. I was so sad because i made all still's (2400 x 1800 px) visualisations with my great workstation, but final HD animation was to complicated to my CPU. I have only 2 days to finish it all...And 1000 frames (1280x720) to calculate and postpro.
One frame was calculated with my i7-970 (OC to 4 GHZ) in 12 minutes. Well check this out:
12 minutes x 1000 frames = 12 000 minutes /60 minutes = 200 hours.
But my deadline was 2 days, not 6.
And the biggest problem was here - i have no idea how to use renderfarm...and deadline was so close.
One man answered an my email very fast and said to not worry about deadline :)
The owner of this renderfarm - - gave me a hope :) He gave me few credits to test my own scene. In next 2 days my project was finished. All nodes calculated my 1000 frames in less than 6 hours - that's what i mean - pure power and lowest price in the market. This man spend few hours on skype to help me to prepare everything to final render. Every problem was checked by him, every problem was solved by him.
He saved my project!
Thank you Sven!

 THe most user friendly renderfarm (in my opinion) :)

Link to guide (it's so simple and fast tu use!) - how to prepare scene for renderfarm:

Kind regards
Krzysztof Czerwiński