Thursday, April 17, 2014

FREEBIES - new 3D models of ACER tree - 4 ages in one scene:)

Hello - long, long time from last upload - this time something special and useful!
I made 4 trees - Acer Platanoides in 4 ages, ready to use. Trunk and leafs are splitted in 2 meshes but in one group (Every tree is one group with pivot point on ground level).
Free for commercial use in your project:) 3D Max 2010 scene plus textures inside archive (check FREEBIES - position 035). As always i made trees with ATree3D script.
I hope you like it:)

Kind regards
Krzysztof Czerwinski

I've added in FREEBIES section new download number 036 - it's OBJ version of these trees for other 3D software users:)

Check FREEBIES section - there is new download number 038 with a ATree3D script presets for all these Acer trees:)

Sorry for all problems with OBJ files (Acer trees) - some users gave me sign that UV mapping of leafs are bad. Now You can download correct version of OBJ models with good UW mapping. Check FREEBIES section - download number 036 again :)